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Persian Immigration Lawyer

No matter you are an employer, individual employee, individual looking to get green card or someone who is looking to get married with non-US citizen, we help you in every such case with proper legal help. All our professional and skilled Lawyers help you with naturalization and immigration related cases. Here are some services […]

Employment Based Green Card

Green Card Through Employment, Iranian Immigration Lawyer
The importance of Green Card for employment within United States can’t be ignored and there are many who are looking for such help. We at Aria Law Group offer you all sort of employment based Green Card and make sure the process is completed in quick time without […]

Iranian EB1 Immigration Lawyer

Basically EB-1A is an immigrant visa which is in the EB1 category and is reserved for foreign workers with extraordinary working capabilities in the field of business, athletics, education, science and arts. The only criterion for this type is international acclaim or sustained national acclaim. The standard of this visa is very high and […]

Iranian NIW Immigration Lawyer

National Interest Waiver Green Card Immigration Lawyer and Qualifications
National interest waiver is an advanced ability for workers seeking exemption from labor certification as well as job offer requirements. The labor certification is explained in the EB-2 and EB-3 summaries. To qualify for the national interest waiver as well as meeting the requirements of EB-2, […]

Iranian EB2 Immigration Lawyer

EB-2 or EB-3 Green Card Immigration Lawyer and Qualifications
EB-2 and EB-3 is basically an employment based immigrant visa that is generally reserved for a certain class of worker. EB-2 is meant for Advanced Degree Professionals and Ability Workers whereas EB-3 is meant for skilled, professional as well as unskilled workers. The main difference between […]

Iranian EB4 Immigration Lawyer

EB4 Green Card & Qualified Person:

An EB4 is an immigrant visas reserved for foreign workers immigrating to the US to perform duties of a religious worker. Applicants must prove that:

i) they are a member of a religious denomination for at least 2 years,

ii) who will work at a qualified organization,

iii) as a minister

A “minister,” […]

Iranian EB-5 Lawyer

EB-5 Investment Green Card
It was way back in the year 1991 when Congress first started the EB-5 visa program and it was meant to benefit the U.S. economy and also create new opportunities. The main objective was to draw new investment into the country along with creating job opportunities. To qualify for this visa, […]

Iranian Employment Visa Immigration Lawyer

Iranian L1A/L1B Visa Immigration Lawyer 

L1A/L1B Immigration Lawyer: Intra-company Transfers

Iranian O1 Visa Immigration Lawyer

O1 Immigration Lawyer: Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

Iranian P1 Visa Immigration Lawyer

P1 Immigration Lawyer: Athletes and Entertainers

Iranian R1 Visa Immigration Lawyer

R1 Immigration Lawyer: Religious Workers

Iranian TN Visa Immigration Lawyer

TN Immigration Lawyer: Professional Canadians and Mexicans

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Iranian E1 Visa Immigration Lawyer

E1 Treaty Visa

E1 Visa Immigration Attorney and Qualified Person
An E-1 is a visa for a foreign national of a “treaty trader” country, coming to the US to carry on substantial trade occurring principally between the US and the foreigner’s country of nationality. This visa may also be obtained by key employees of the business. […]

Iranian E2 Visa Immigration Lawyer

E-2 Visa (Treaty Investor Visa) California Immigration Attorney and Qualified Person
An E2 Visa (Treaty Investor Visa) is a visa is for a foreign national of an “investor treaty” country, coming to the US to direct the operations of an enterprise in which the investor has invested or is actively in the process of investing […]