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Iranian Lawyer in San Jose CA

Iranian Lawyer in San Jose California


Persian Immigration Lawyer

No matter you are an employer, individual employee, individual looking to get green card or someone who is looking to get married with non-US citizen, we help you in every such case with proper legal help. All our professional and skilled Lawyers help you with naturalization and immigration related cases. Here are some services that are being offered by our professional team of Lawyers and Attorneys:
Green card for family members
Our Persian Immigration Lawyers help you with Green card for your relatives or other members within the family for easy processing.
Green Card on the basis of Employment
If you are an individual looking for employment or employer with extra ordinary skills Persian Immigration Lawyer is there to help you.
Green Card based on Investment
If you are an individual looking to invest or self-investor looking to get Green card you can feel free to take help from Persian Immigration Lawyer.
For individual who are in need of Green Card due to fear of harassment or persecution in their home country can get the help of Persian Immigration Lawyer.
Employment Visa
For any employer or employee seeking employment in USA you should have Employment Visa. Persian Immigration Lawyer and their team help you in the process without much hassle or time.
Non-Employment Visa
For every businessman, faculty member, student or visitor in US need to have non employment based visa and we at Aria Law Group offer you the service at best possible manner without much hassle or time.
We at Aria Law Group are offering best possible immigration help for all our clients without any burden and make sure the results are positive. We take pride on our services which is based on professionalism and positive result with many successful cases behind. Feel free to take our help or suggestion and we offer you best possible legal help.

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Iranian Lawyer Real Estate Construction

California Iranian Construction Lawyer

Real Estate constructions can be incredibly hectic and overwhelming. Our California construction lawyer understands the issues that arise during a construction project. Aria Law Group represents contractors and people who hire contractors.

Our construction lawyer represent general contractors, specialty contractors, vendors, engineers, architects and any other person involved in construction in California. We also represent property owners, both residential and commercial that hire contractors.

Please call our construction lawyer if you have legal issues in the following areas:

  • Construction Contracts
  • Mechanics’ Liens
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • Defective Construction
  • Home Addition and Home Remodel

Whether a dispute with a builder is over poor quality of work or about having a construction lien lifted, most homeowners do not understand the complexities of the construction industry and the laws that govern its actions. With decades of combined litigation experience and a thorough knowledge of construction law, Aria Law Group in California, helps homeowners, business owners and public entities resolve their construction disputes quickly and efficiently.

Our deep knowledge of construction law allows us to handle a wide range of homeowner construction litigation issues, involving:

  • Unlicensed contractors
  • Design defects
  • Construction defects
  • Remodeling disputes
  • Mechanics liens/Stop Notices
  • Construction delay damages
  • Construction fraud claims


Construction Litigation Lawyer

When resolving a construction dispute quickly and efficiently, contractors can benefit from legal representation by an experienced construction litigation lawyer who understands how to handle a case from all sides. Our lawyers know construction contract rules whether a contractor performs work for homeowners, business owners, general contractors or subcontractors.

California Construction Lien Lawyer

Mechanic’s Lien Law

Establishing a mechanic’s lien or stop notice against a customer’s property for non-payment or other dispute can be an effective method of enforcing contractual rights on a public or private project. Most contractors do not clearly understand the hoops they must jump through to perfect the mechanic’s lien.

From the 20-day preliminary notice to a property owner, lender and another contractor, to filing a post-lien lawsuit in order to keep the lien valid, Aria Law Group guides contractors and design professionals through the maze of requirements for mechanic’s liens.

Our mission is to help you ensure a mechanic’s or material man’s lien does the job it was intended to: help you get paid on a project. If you need assistance starting or maintaining a mechanic’s lien, contact us today. Our experienced contraction law attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your dispute.

Contractors and Mechanic’s Liens/Stop Notices

While a primary and effective tool for enforcing payment, a mechanic’s lien can be removed if the complex rules and time lines are not followed carefully. We can help ensure the mechanic’s lien process on a private or public project is done correctly to prevent its removal.

Even if you are a subcontractor, Our California Mechanic’s Liens attorney will help you properly record and maintain the lien’s validity. In breach of contract and other contractor construction litigation, non-compliance with lien recording is not the only option for recovering what is owed to you.

We can explore other alternatives to help you get paid.

Done forget, evidence can disappear, witnesses can move on to other jobs, and subcontractors can go bankrupt. If you’re facing allegations of faulty construction or are a homeowner left with the prospect of expensive repairs, please contact us and discus your case with our real estate construction lawyer in California.

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Iranian Lawyer Real Estate Financing

California Real Estate Finance Attorney


The most common method of financing a real estate transaction is through a loan secured by a mortgage on the property. A mortgage involves the transfer of an interest in land as security for an obligation. A borrower typically repays a mortgage in installments that include both interest and principal payments.


Many homeowners are becoming unable to make their mortgage loan payments. When homeowners default on these payments, banks and other lenders are left with few options other than foreclosure.

In California, most foreclosures occur outside of the courtroom. In non-judicial foreclosure proceedings, the lender simply reclaims the property, without the need to obtain court approval.

Our Iranian Real Estate Finance Attorney Can Help You Avoiding Foreclosure

Depending on your financial situation and the specifics of your mortgage, one of the following may be your best option for avoiding foreclosure:

  • Loan modification
  • Short sale
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Lien stripping


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

People who don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually have to file under Chapter 13. Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy which wipes out unsecured debt, Chapter 13 may require you to repay a percentage of what you owe over a 3- to 5-year period, depending upon your net monthly disposable income. You will be required to submit a repayment plan for approval by the court and your creditors.

As part of your repayment plan, you can include past-due mortgage payments and reduce other monthly bills into one manageable payment. Consequently, people who file Chapter 13 bankruptcy are often able to avoid foreclosure. Additionally, once you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is placed on any foreclosure or collection actions on the part of banks and creditors.


First and Second Mortgages and Foreclosures — Some Considerations

If you have a second mortgage on your home or you have taken out a home equity loan, certain considerations come into play if you decide to pursue a short sale in lieu of a foreclosure. In general, if you decide to work out a short sale with your lender, the bank can ask you to pay the difference between what you sold your house for and what you owed on your original mortgage.

However, if you have a second mortgage and aren’t protected by anti-deficiency provisions, the lender can pursue you for any losses it takes on your second mortgage. Depending on your situation, your second mortgage may be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Regardless of whether you own residential or commercial property, foreclosure may not be your best option. For foreclosure help and information on alternatives, please contact our Finance Attorney at Aria Law Group today to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you.


Once Your Home Is Sold After Foreclosure

After your home is sold, its new owner must provide you with a three-day written notice to quit the property and initiate a formal eviction process. The new owner cannot change the locks on the doors or throw you out immediately. Typically, the eviction process takes 30 to 45 days in the State of California. This means the new owner cannot knock on your door and throw you out. After the eviction process has been initiated, you can — and should — file a response in court.

In some cases, the new owner — possibly the bank — may offer you money to move out rather than go through the eviction process. If you accept money to move out, you should get everything in writing.

Contact Our California Real Estate Lawyer:

If you have questions regarding the foreclosure process or the alternatives to foreclosure, please contact us or call us at (650) 391-9630. Even if the foreclosure process has already begun, we can evaluate your situation and help you protect your rights and interests.

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Iranian Lawyer Title and Deeds

California Deed & Title Attorney

You can contact us and talk to our deed attorney for a free initial consultation regarding any legal matter related to real property titles

or deeds in California:

  • liens
  • tax liens/judgment liens
  • encumbrances
  • title opinions
  • title insurance policy review
  • escrow
  • contingency removal
  • terms removal.
Our experienced title examination attorney is well qualified and equipped to handle title and deed legal matters for property owners, buyers, sellers, or commercial landlords.

We review title documents and guide buyers and sellers in purchase procedures through escrow, negotiating with other parties as necessary, disputing unfavorable terms in purchase agreements, ensuring that titles are clean and contingencies are removed prior to closing. Our California deed attorney can file lawsuits in the event of a breach of contract by seller or purchaser.

Our title examination services are always delivered with professionalism and personal attention. We respond to your concerns and questions and we keep you well-informed as we efficiently and effectively handle your title issue. We are dedicated to meeting your goals and are aggressive in protecting and pursuing your rights and interests.

We look forward to explaining how we can be of service to potential buyers, sellers, and commercial landlords in all aspects of titles and deeds. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience, and appreciate our real estate attorneys’ respectful and businesslike manner.

Contact Our California deed attorney:
For a free initial consultation regarding titles and deeds, please contact us.

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Iranian Real Estate Lawyer

ARIA LAW GROUP works extensively with property owners, in both commercial real estate and residential real estate matters. Our real estate lawyer represents homeowners, investors, lenders, brokers, agents, landlords and tenants. As a local firm, we are familiar with local real estate concerns. If you are seeking representation related to your involvement in any real estate activities, ARIA LAW GROUP is your law firm

California Real Estate Contracts and Transfers

The agreement to sell between a real estate buyer and seller is governed by the general principles of contract law. The statute of frauds requires that real property contracts be in writing. Title to real estate must be marketable to be free from liability, which means that it must be free and clear of all encumbrances, liens, clouds, litigation risks, or other title defects.

To ensure marketable title, the buyer typically employs an attorney or a title insurance company to perform a title search. In a title search, the searcher examines the public records in the county in which a property is located to map a chain of title by examining all the recorded deeds concerning the property.

The title searcher will also determine if there are any encumbrances on the property, such as mortgages, unpaid real estate taxes, liens for municipal improvements, unpaid federal taxes, government claims, legal judgments, foreclosures, condemnations, covenants, and easements. A title insurance company will insure the buyer against losses caused by the title’s invalidity.

To pass title, the seller must execute and deliver a deed with a proper description of the land. Many states require that the deed be officially recorded to establish ownership of the property and to provide notice of its transfer to subsequent purchasers.

The most common method of financing a real estate transaction is through a loan secured by a mortgage on the property. A mortgage involves the transfer of an interest in land as security for an obligation. Failure to pay the mortgage debt once foreclosure occurs results in the sale of the property to satisfy any remaining mortgage debt.

Our Iranian real estate lawyer in Palo Alto California, Help Resolving Many Property Ownership Concerns

Resolving easements, title and other private property rights disputes depends on the actions involved. Our real estate lawyer handles these types of fact and issue-specific real estate law matters including:

  • Easements – This type of dispute does not involve possession, but rather passing over someone else property of necessity or consistent use over time, such as shared driveway access.
  • Right-of-way – Is one party entitled to drive through another private property to access their own? We can help establish the facts and protect your rights.
  • Title to property – We handle claims for adverse possession, quiet title lawsuits and related disputes over property ownership.
  • Boundary disputes – Our firm assists with interpreting recorded land surveys and defending a client’s claims under the law.

Our California Law firm has dealt with real estate law since we began practicing law. We understand the ever-evolving real estate market and keep abreast of changes in the law affecting property owners in California including Santa Clara, San Mateo and neighboring counties. We also faced their own real estate issues and know what it’s like trying to have to deal with them as property owners.

Please call our office if you have real estate legal issues in the following areas:

  • Asset Protection
  • Foreclosure
  • Holding Title to Real Estate
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Equity Share Agreements
  • Boundary Issues
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes
  • Evictions
  • Contracts
  • Partnership and Co-Ownership Agreements
  • Residential Leases
  • Commercial Leases
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Wealth Planning for Real Estate

Contact us or call our California real estate lawyer today for a confidential consultation at (650) 391-9630.

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Iranian Lawyer Premises Liability

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