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Iranian Lawyer Real Estate Construction

California Iranian Construction Lawyer

Real Estate constructions can be incredibly hectic and overwhelming. Our California construction lawyer understands the issues that arise during a construction project. Aria Law Group represents contractors and people who hire contractors.

Our construction lawyer represent general contractors, specialty contractors, vendors, engineers, architects and any other person involved in construction in California. We also represent property owners, both residential and commercial that hire contractors.

Please call our construction lawyer if you have legal issues in the following areas:

  • Construction Contracts
  • Mechanics’ Liens
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Subcontractor Agreements
  • Defective Construction
  • Home Addition and Home Remodel

Whether a dispute with a builder is over poor quality of work or about having a construction lien lifted, most homeowners do not understand the complexities of the construction industry and the laws that govern its actions. With decades of combined litigation experience and a thorough knowledge of construction law, Aria Law Group in California, helps homeowners, business owners and public entities resolve their construction disputes quickly and efficiently.

Our deep knowledge of construction law allows us to handle a wide range of homeowner construction litigation issues, involving:

  • Unlicensed contractors
  • Design defects
  • Construction defects
  • Remodeling disputes
  • Mechanics liens/Stop Notices
  • Construction delay damages
  • Construction fraud claims


Construction Litigation Lawyer

When resolving a construction dispute quickly and efficiently, contractors can benefit from legal representation by an experienced construction litigation lawyer who understands how to handle a case from all sides. Our lawyers know construction contract rules whether a contractor performs work for homeowners, business owners, general contractors or subcontractors.

California Construction Lien Lawyer

Mechanic’s Lien Law

Establishing a mechanic’s lien or stop notice against a customer’s property for non-payment or other dispute can be an effective method of enforcing contractual rights on a public or private project. Most contractors do not clearly understand the hoops they must jump through to perfect the mechanic’s lien.

From the 20-day preliminary notice to a property owner, lender and another contractor, to filing a post-lien lawsuit in order to keep the lien valid, Aria Law Group guides contractors and design professionals through the maze of requirements for mechanic’s liens.

Our mission is to help you ensure a mechanic’s or material man’s lien does the job it was intended to: help you get paid on a project. If you need assistance starting or maintaining a mechanic’s lien, contact us today. Our experienced contraction law attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your dispute.

Contractors and Mechanic’s Liens/Stop Notices

While a primary and effective tool for enforcing payment, a mechanic’s lien can be removed if the complex rules and time lines are not followed carefully. We can help ensure the mechanic’s lien process on a private or public project is done correctly to prevent its removal.

Even if you are a subcontractor, Our California Mechanic’s Liens attorney will help you properly record and maintain the lien’s validity. In breach of contract and other contractor construction litigation, non-compliance with lien recording is not the only option for recovering what is owed to you.

We can explore other alternatives to help you get paid.

Done forget, evidence can disappear, witnesses can move on to other jobs, and subcontractors can go bankrupt. If you’re facing allegations of faulty construction or are a homeowner left with the prospect of expensive repairs, please contact us and discus your case with our real estate construction lawyer in California.

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Iranian Lawyer Real Estate Financing

California Real Estate Finance Attorney


The most common method of financing a real estate transaction is through a loan secured by a mortgage on the property. A mortgage involves the transfer of an interest in land as security for an obligation. A borrower typically repays a mortgage in installments that include both interest and principal payments.


Many homeowners are becoming unable to make their mortgage loan payments. When homeowners default on these payments, banks and other lenders are left with few options other than foreclosure.

In California, most foreclosures occur outside of the courtroom. In non-judicial foreclosure proceedings, the lender simply reclaims the property, without the need to obtain court approval.

Our Iranian Real Estate Finance Attorney Can Help You Avoiding Foreclosure

Depending on your financial situation and the specifics of your mortgage, one of the following may be your best option for avoiding foreclosure:

  • Loan modification
  • Short sale
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Lien stripping


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

People who don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually have to file under Chapter 13. Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy which wipes out unsecured debt, Chapter 13 may require you to repay a percentage of what you owe over a 3- to 5-year period, depending upon your net monthly disposable income. You will be required to submit a repayment plan for approval by the court and your creditors.

As part of your repayment plan, you can include past-due mortgage payments and reduce other monthly bills into one manageable payment. Consequently, people who file Chapter 13 bankruptcy are often able to avoid foreclosure. Additionally, once you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is placed on any foreclosure or collection actions on the part of banks and creditors.


First and Second Mortgages and Foreclosures — Some Considerations

If you have a second mortgage on your home or you have taken out a home equity loan, certain considerations come into play if you decide to pursue a short sale in lieu of a foreclosure. In general, if you decide to work out a short sale with your lender, the bank can ask you to pay the difference between what you sold your house for and what you owed on your original mortgage.

However, if you have a second mortgage and aren’t protected by anti-deficiency provisions, the lender can pursue you for any losses it takes on your second mortgage. Depending on your situation, your second mortgage may be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Regardless of whether you own residential or commercial property, foreclosure may not be your best option. For foreclosure help and information on alternatives, please contact our Finance Attorney at Aria Law Group today to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you.


Once Your Home Is Sold After Foreclosure

After your home is sold, its new owner must provide you with a three-day written notice to quit the property and initiate a formal eviction process. The new owner cannot change the locks on the doors or throw you out immediately. Typically, the eviction process takes 30 to 45 days in the State of California. This means the new owner cannot knock on your door and throw you out. After the eviction process has been initiated, you can — and should — file a response in court.

In some cases, the new owner — possibly the bank — may offer you money to move out rather than go through the eviction process. If you accept money to move out, you should get everything in writing.

Contact Our California Real Estate Lawyer:

If you have questions regarding the foreclosure process or the alternatives to foreclosure, please contact us or call us at (650) 391-9630. Even if the foreclosure process has already begun, we can evaluate your situation and help you protect your rights and interests.

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Iranian Lawyer Title and Deeds

California Deed & Title Attorney

You can contact us and talk to our deed attorney for a free initial consultation regarding any legal matter related to real property titles

or deeds in California:

  • liens
  • tax liens/judgment liens
  • encumbrances
  • title opinions
  • title insurance policy review
  • escrow
  • contingency removal
  • terms removal.
Our experienced title examination attorney is well qualified and equipped to handle title and deed legal matters for property owners, buyers, sellers, or commercial landlords.

We review title documents and guide buyers and sellers in purchase procedures through escrow, negotiating with other parties as necessary, disputing unfavorable terms in purchase agreements, ensuring that titles are clean and contingencies are removed prior to closing. Our California deed attorney can file lawsuits in the event of a breach of contract by seller or purchaser.

Our title examination services are always delivered with professionalism and personal attention. We respond to your concerns and questions and we keep you well-informed as we efficiently and effectively handle your title issue. We are dedicated to meeting your goals and are aggressive in protecting and pursuing your rights and interests.

We look forward to explaining how we can be of service to potential buyers, sellers, and commercial landlords in all aspects of titles and deeds. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience, and appreciate our real estate attorneys’ respectful and businesslike manner.

Contact Our California deed attorney:
For a free initial consultation regarding titles and deeds, please contact us.

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Iranian Real Estate Lawyer

ARIA LAW GROUP works extensively with property owners, in both commercial real estate and residential real estate matters. Our real estate lawyer represents homeowners, investors, lenders, brokers, agents, landlords and tenants. As a local firm, we are familiar with local real estate concerns. If you are seeking representation related to your involvement in any real estate activities, ARIA LAW GROUP is your law firm

California Real Estate Contracts and Transfers

The agreement to sell between a real estate buyer and seller is governed by the general principles of contract law. The statute of frauds requires that real property contracts be in writing. Title to real estate must be marketable to be free from liability, which means that it must be free and clear of all encumbrances, liens, clouds, litigation risks, or other title defects.

To ensure marketable title, the buyer typically employs an attorney or a title insurance company to perform a title search. In a title search, the searcher examines the public records in the county in which a property is located to map a chain of title by examining all the recorded deeds concerning the property.

The title searcher will also determine if there are any encumbrances on the property, such as mortgages, unpaid real estate taxes, liens for municipal improvements, unpaid federal taxes, government claims, legal judgments, foreclosures, condemnations, covenants, and easements. A title insurance company will insure the buyer against losses caused by the title’s invalidity.

To pass title, the seller must execute and deliver a deed with a proper description of the land. Many states require that the deed be officially recorded to establish ownership of the property and to provide notice of its transfer to subsequent purchasers.

The most common method of financing a real estate transaction is through a loan secured by a mortgage on the property. A mortgage involves the transfer of an interest in land as security for an obligation. Failure to pay the mortgage debt once foreclosure occurs results in the sale of the property to satisfy any remaining mortgage debt.

Our Iranian real estate lawyer in Palo Alto California, Help Resolving Many Property Ownership Concerns

Resolving easements, title and other private property rights disputes depends on the actions involved. Our real estate lawyer handles these types of fact and issue-specific real estate law matters including:

  • Easements – This type of dispute does not involve possession, but rather passing over someone else property of necessity or consistent use over time, such as shared driveway access.
  • Right-of-way – Is one party entitled to drive through another private property to access their own? We can help establish the facts and protect your rights.
  • Title to property – We handle claims for adverse possession, quiet title lawsuits and related disputes over property ownership.
  • Boundary disputes – Our firm assists with interpreting recorded land surveys and defending a client’s claims under the law.

Our California Law firm has dealt with real estate law since we began practicing law. We understand the ever-evolving real estate market and keep abreast of changes in the law affecting property owners in California including Santa Clara, San Mateo and neighboring counties. We also faced their own real estate issues and know what it’s like trying to have to deal with them as property owners.

Please call our office if you have real estate legal issues in the following areas:

  • Asset Protection
  • Foreclosure
  • Holding Title to Real Estate
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Equity Share Agreements
  • Boundary Issues
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes
  • Evictions
  • Contracts
  • Partnership and Co-Ownership Agreements
  • Residential Leases
  • Commercial Leases
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Wealth Planning for Real Estate

Contact us or call our California real estate lawyer today for a confidential consultation at (650) 391-9630.

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Iranian Lawyer Slip and Fall Injuries

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Iranian Lawyer Premises Liability

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Iranian Lawyer Vehicle Accident Injuries

California Car Accident Attorney in Bay Area Palo Alto San Jose San Francisco

If you or a loved one were injured in California car accidents within the last two years you need a lawyer fast. Each year in California there are hundreds and even thousands of automobile wrecks on California freeways, highways, bridges and roadways.

Once the two year statute of limitations in most injury cases expires, you will waive your right to sue for money damages.

California in particular is famous for freeway traffic and freeway collisions. Many car accident and other motor vehicle collision cases result in serious personal injuries discussed above. Our personal injury lawyer has vast and excellent legal experience in traffic collision cases with history of representing personal injury victims in California who have suffered severe mental and physical pain and suffering in an auto crash, such as a truck hit and run collision.

Our Motor Vehicle Accident lawyer in California Can Help You Recover Money Damages for You in All Cities

Our Iranian personal injury lawyers also litigate truck wreck cases in different counties of all across California. Our truck collision attorneys are familiar with the different rules and regulations and California law as it relates to trucks and large prime mover vehicles. Retaining our experienced personal injury lawyer, truck collision attorneys and auto accidents attorneys will give you an edge over the negligent defendant who caused your passenger vehicle or truck crash.

Important Things to Know About Car Accident Law

Have you or someone you love been severely injured in a California motor vehicle accident? If so, the evidence must show that the driver of the vehicle that hit your automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, or you, was negligent in the operation of the injury causing vehicle that crashed into your vehicle.

Alternatively, a defect in a defectively designed road could be the proximate and actual cause of the roadway mishap. As with all accident claims, determining who is legally liable is a lot of work. Our Iranian lawyers have vast legal experience in finding all possible defendants, so as to increase the damages in your vehicular injury case. Our motor vehicle accident lawyer in California will leave no stone unturned in getting you and yours the highest level of monetary compensation available in your car or truck accident suit.

Our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles California will help you discover what defendants there are and will attempt to help you find out who is at fault. We will not hesitate to hire forensic experts, orthopedic experts and accident reconstruction experts to find liability. This helps us maximize your general and special damages recovery for your tort claim injury.

We litigate all forms of consumer personal injury cases on contingency fee. This means no recovery no fee.

If you have been injured in a car accident in a city like San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Irvine you need California car accident attorneys!

contact us now for a free legal consultation and see if you have a California County personal injury claim that is worth filing and if you need a good motor vehicle accident lawyer!

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Iranian Injury Lawyer

Iranian Personal Injury Attorneys –
Iranian Car Accident Lawyer

When a serious accident happens, your whole life changes in a moment. Aside from the trauma involved, your entire future becomes not only uncertain, but frightening. Your family depends on you, and you naturally worry how you will provide for them.  Even though this was the last thing you wanted, your most valuable asset is now a court case, and the single most important decision you make is to choose the right Personal Injury Lawyer to handle the case for you.

Working with our personal injury lawyer make a tremendous difference in the ultimate result. You can only bring the case once. It is not enough that it be done right; if you can no longer work at what you used to do, you need to obtain the maximum possible to replace that earning capacity for you and for your family.

For a serious accident, you need a serious personal injury lawyer who understand how important this case is to you and to your family. We accepts this responsibility proudly, and instead of trying to get the easy settlement offer up front, our practice is geared around working hard to prepare each case for presentation to a jury.
Our Iranian personal injury lawyer in California understands that the case must be moved as quickly as possible, but not at the expense of giving up the maximum recovery. The only way to get the insurance company to take the case seriously is to be serious, and we are proud to do this for our clients. Because our caseload is limited, we are able to provide a level of personal service that is not possible at other law offices, big or small. Our previous clients, while still in pain, are at least now financially secure, and very happy that they selected us to represent them.

We represent individuals and families who have been the victims of the negligent or intentional behavior of another. The victims of personal injury are entitled to financial compensation for their medical and property expenses, incidental costs caused by the accident, and may be entitled to additional damages to cover future expenses, pain and suffering, or other issues.

“Wrongful Death” is a legal term that refers to situations when a person dies due to the negligence of another. Personal injury and wrongful death cases taken by our personal injury lawyers may arise as a result of a variety of incidents, including medical negligence, nursing home abuse and neglect, dangerous or defective products and premises, or in car accidents, or other accidents.

The goal of our legal firm, is to make sure that personal injury victims in California, survivors and beneficiaries are maximally compensated for their loss. Following an accident or injury, it is obviously difficult for injured individuals and family members to understand the importance of a prompt investigation of the circumstances of the accident, injury or death, and the preservation of evidence and identification of responsible parties.

Please contact us and discuss your personal injury case with our lawyers in California.

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Iranian Lawyer Catastrophic Injury

Iranian Catastrophic Injuries Lawyer

At Aria Law Group, We seek monetary compensation on behalf of people who have been injured due to others’ negligence. Our law practice is founded on ethical principles and our strong reputation has been developed by way of integrity in all our dealings with our clients, with eyewitnesses, with our legal opponents and in courts of law.

When someone suffers a catastrophic injury, mapping out a clear road to recovery requires the care of doctors and specialists with years of knowledge and experience working with the latest progress in medical care. Even with the best medical experts, the extent of recovery can be a large unknown. Likewise, after a fatal accident, families need time and resources to heal and move forward constructively.

A victim of serious injury most often needs the help of an experienced attorney to obtain monetary compensation from negligent parties such as other drivers or property owners. We work hard so that our clients may have the financial resources needed for a strong recovery in spite of serious injury and loss. Iranian Personal injury attorney Aria Vatankhah works to give clients and families the tools for recovery. The Aria Law Group, represents Californians who have suffered serious harm such as the following:

  • Birth injury: We represent people harmed through medical malpractice.
  • Serious accidents: Our clients have suffered bone fractures, back and neck injuries, burns, traumatic brain injury, limb loss and traumatic brain injury. Some require major reconstructive surgery. Others face ongoing pain.
  • Spinal cord injury: A lengthy rehabilitation and a life forever changed by paralysis (paraplegia and quadriplegia) is a painful reality that also brings many financial losses.
  • Loss of body functions: When an accident causes blindness, organ damage, nerve damage or loss of mobility, the injured person needs legal and financial help, along with practical accommodations.
  • Injury due to elder abuse in long-term care facilities: Dehydration, malnutrition and bedsores nearly always indicate neglect.

Insurance companies and the careless parties with responsibility for a serious injury rarely make it easy for the victim and his or her family, no matter how clear liability may be. When victims of serious injury try to get the financial help they expect, they frequently find the almost limitless resources of insurance companies stacked in defense against their claims.

Helping victims of serious accidents get the second chances they deserve is what a good experienced personal injury attorney, like John J. Garvey, III, works to accomplish. If you or a member of your family has suffered a severe injury that will affect life forever, contact Aria Law Group. We take time to get to know you and your family, and to investigate how the injury will impact the future of everyone the injury has touched. We will fight back against those responsible for the devastation in your life.

Our Iranian Personal Injury Lawyer has made personal injury law his profession — helping seriously injured people fight to get their lives back. He will aggressively pursue your case, whether settled out of court or litigated before a judge or jury. He provides high-quality legal representation, efficiently and honestly.

Mr. Vatankhah will meet with you at your home, hospital, or a more convenient place, if you are not able to travel to our office. All cases are taken on a contingency fee basis (no recovery, no fee). If we fail to recover monetary compensation for you, we will not charge you attorney fees. Call or e-mail the law firm now to schedule a free initial consultation.

To schedule a free initial consultation with a serious injury attorney after a car accident, a construction site accident, an accident in a nursing home, contact us by phone at (650) 391-9630 or by e-mail. Cases taken on a contingency fee basis (no recovery, no fee).

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Iranian OFAC Lawyer

Persian OFAC Attorney help Iranians in USA
The United States Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”) administers the nation’s sanctions programs through the burden of both criminal and civil penalties and the blocking of property and benefit under the authority of the United States.

The rules and measures for complying with these sanctions are difficult and tiresome. Individuals who are in conflict with OFAC administered sanctions, possibly have no idea that they or their business are at the risk of OFAC freezes their assets, fines them, or worst of all, face criminal charges.

Given the wide application of these regulations, individuals and businesses can be targeted by simple involvement with others who have been red-flagged by OFAC. Whether you are a landlord renting property to someone who has been placed on OFAC’s Specially Designated National List, a graduate student seeking to travel to Cuba, or a foreign lawyer providing legal services to a sanctioned, you are at risk.
If you are a U.S. person, or own property or interests under the authority of the United States, and have dealings with anyone from the following countries: Belarus, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Syria or are possibly associated with individuals or entities engaged in terrorism, you may be at risk.

Persian OFAC Attorney help Iranians with OFAC license, OFAC administrative Subpoena, Voluntary disclosure, and OFAC Criminal Investigation

O.F.A.C. Regulations involving Sanctions against Iran

In general, unless licensed by OFAC, goods, services, or technology may NOT be exported, re-exported, sold or supplied, directly or indirectly, from the United States or by a U.S. person, wherever located, to Iran or the Government of Iran.
These regulations apply to:

1.     All U.S. citizens;
2.     All U.S. permanent residents (green card holders);
3.     All U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent residents located outside the United States;
4.     All U.S. incorporated entities and their foreign branches;
5.     All foreign subsidiaries owned and controlled by U.S. companies;
6.     All persons or entities within the United States.

These regulation apply to all U.S. persons mentioned above wherever located. Furthermore, a U.S. person may NOT export from the U.S. any goods, technology or services, if the person knows or has reason to know such items are intended specifically for supply, transshipment or re-exportation to Iran.

The United States government is absolutely and strictly enforcing these laws. There are various Iranians and Iranian-Americans being prosecuted criminally and civilly at the present time. In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice sought and obtained an enhancement of criminal and civil penalties of Iran sanctions from the U.S. Congress in October of 2007 to a maximum of 20 years per violation. Civil penalties were enhanced to the greater of $250,000 per transaction or twice the amount of the transaction.

Furthermore, most transactions related to Iran are prohibited by the Iranian Transactions Regulations (I.T.R.) unless licensed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of Treasury. Sale of any personal or real property in Iran is prohibited unless a specific LICENSE is obtained prior to such a sale. This prohibition applies to any real property; whether acquired by gift, inherited property or acquired long before the enactment of Iran sanctions. 
“U.S. persons, including foreign branches of U.S. depository institutions and trading companies, are prohibited from engaging in any transactions, including purchase, sale, transportation, swap, financing, or brokering transactions related to goods or services of Iranian origin or services owned or controlled by the Government of Iran.”

Also it should be noted that If an individual’s name is on any real property in Iran, you will need a specific license before you can sell the property. However, if there was a probate proceeding in Iran and you have inherited an interest in real property in Iran, you may not need a specific license, and may be qualified to use “General License B” to receive the funds in the U.S.

Transactions ordinarily incident to travel to or from Iran are exempt and authorized. Included are payment of living expenses and acquisition of goods and services for personal use and arrangement or facilitation of such travel including air, sea or land voyages.

For relocating in Iran, taking (exporting) household and personal effects for family use are authorized if the articles have been actually used by said family members (not intended for use by others or for sale nor otherwise prohibited).
Bringing (importing) Iranian-origin household and personal effects for personal or family use of persons arriving in the United States are authorized, if such articles have been actually used abroad by such person or by other family members. They must not be intended for any other person, nor for sale, and must not be otherwise prohibited.

Before OFAC catch you, you should comply with the OFAC’s sanctions rule and protect yourself from possible consequences. Correct compliance with the sanctions can be accomplished, if knowledgeable and experienced attorney is retained.
Our Iranian Lawyer has the compelling experience in applying general and specific OFAC license when it is required by different agencies.
Before OFAC catch you, you should comply with the OFAC’s sanctions rule and protect yourself from possible consequences. Correct compliance with the sanctions can be accomplished, if knowledgeable and experienced attorney is retained.
Contact our Iranian OFAC Lawyer and retain his compelling experience in applying general and specific OFAC license when it is required by different agencies.