Iranian Lawyer Business Litigation

Business Litigation Attorney

When confronted with a client’s business dispute, commercial lawsuit, or court matter, we believe it is in the client’s best interest to find the most expedient solution. Please contact us for a free initial consultation about how we may file a lawsuit or cross claim regarding your business dispute.

Business litigation should be considered a last resort, to be used only when parties to a disagreement are hopelessly deadlocked and unwilling to find common ground through negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. In court room litigation, a judge or jury will render a decision with far-reaching consequences rather than the business owners, themselves. Our Iranian Business Lawyers can help you decide on a proper course of action in a case of alleged business fraud or breach of contract.

Our Iranian business litigation Attorneys are experienced and prepared to produce and file pleadings, motions, complaints, and handle discovery as necessary to wage a determined battle in support of our clients’ best interests. We are capable courtroom litigators who clearly and persuasively communicate evidence in our clients’ favor.

However, a business litigation matter can often be resolved through voluntary mediation methods by which clients and attorneys communicate freely with each other. By removing emotion from the equation and treating a potential commercial lawsuit as a monetary or transactional problem to be solved, clients are often able to reach a pragmatic conclusion that saves money, stress, and time.

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Iranian Lawyer Business Contract

Iranian Contract Lawyers – Business

California businesses turn with confidence to Aria Law Group for results-oriented advice regarding contracts. Our business contract lawyer in California handles everything from contract drafting, reviewing, rendering opinions, and negotiating agreements to the final stage of signing the contract. Our Iranian Lawyer bring the benefit of years of business contracts and legal experience to bear on each client’s legal matter.

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Knowledgeable and Effective Contract Lawyer

Our Iranian Business Lawyers find that most contract disputes or dilemmas are handled at the “big picture” stage. Therefore, we prefer to take a proactive approach designed to prevent breach of contract disputes and avoid costly litigation.

Our business clients with contract concerns include vendors, business stakeholders, third parties, landlords, and business owners conducting business-to-business transactions or confronting contract disputes involving internal or external business partners. Our business lawyer offers comprehensive legal services in contract review, drafting, and negotiation of all types of contracts, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Business operating agreements
  • Commercial property lease agreements
  • Asset sales and asset purchases
  • Vendor contracts
  • Business-to-business contracts
  • Distribution agreements
  • Other contracts


Effective Resolution of Contract Disputes

In the event of a contract dispute, our business lawyer at the make every effort to avoid litigation by settling breach of contract conflicts through voluntary negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. We do not delay filing suit, should we deem litigation to be the best course of action to achieve our clients’ objectives.

For a free initial consultation with our business contract attorney regarding distribution agreements, or other contract concerns, please contact us.

Breach of Contract

Contract disputes can result in costly delays, business reputation damage, and other legal and financial consequences. While effective construction of solid contracts can minimize the extent of such damage, contract disputes may be inevitable in many situations — particularly when contracts or agreements contain ambiguous language or when the rights and obligations of the parties are unclear.

Business owners, real estate agents, stakeholders, landlords, and other individuals throughout California turn to us  for experienced, practical, and effective resolution of breach of contract disputes. contact us for skilled and reputable civil and business litigation services.

Resolving Contract and Business Litigation

Our business lawyers have the legal and business knowledge to effectively resolve complex contract disputes. Aria Law Group concentrates on pragmatic solutions with an attentive focus on the client’s needs and bottom line. We are trusted for our ability to effectively resolve contract disputes involving:

  • Vendor and distribution agreement disputes
  • Partnership disputes and other business operating agreement disputes
  • Severance agreement and key-employee contract disputes
  • Commercial property disputes
  • Other business, commercial, or real estate contract disputes

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Iranian Lawyer Incorporating A Business

Entity Formation Lawyer in California – Incorporating A Business

Entrepreneurs who must decide the form of a business entity, obtain a tax ID, fulfill registration with the state, draft articles of incorporation, and complete regulatory forms are encouraged to contact us  for a free initial consultation.

Establishing and building business organizations through incorporation of an LLC or partnership is an important area of business law where the talents and experience of our Iranian Lawyers can improve your chances of success.

A sole proprietorship may be ready to move on to a new stage. As business-minded lawyers, Our business entity lawyer offer much more than transactional services. We advise clients in pragmatic matters that may help a business grow and prosper as it is transformed into a partnership or corporation.

Costs are contained through our fixed rate for incorporation assistance and advice. Typically, Our business attorneys provide an incorporation kit and give instructions on how to register and file forms with miscellaneous state and federal agencies, which clients can do on their own. Business owners learn the ropes of starting a business while keeping attorneys’ fees affordable by submitting forms to government agencies in accordance with our straightforward advice.

For a free initial consultation on business entity formation, tax ID forms, business regulation compliance, or any aspect of business organization please contact us at the Aria Law Group. (650) 391-9630


Iranian Lawyer Business Law

Iranian Business Lawyers

Comprehensive Counsel for Business

Our business Attorneys provides astute planning and advice for starting, operating and growing a commercial enterprise in California, and effective protection of our clients’ interests in dispute resolution and litigation.
  • Business formation and incorporation: The choice of business entity (LLC, S Corp, LLP) will be influenced by many factors, most importantly tax efficiency. Our Iranian Business Lawyer and Corporation formation Attorney work closely with each client to establish an entity that most closely meets their business goals.
  • Purchase, sale or transfer of a business: Our California Business Lawyer negotiates and reviews of contracts, purchase terms, and buy-sell agreements, and assistance with financing.
  • Business formalities and maintenance: Our Iranian Business Attorney reviews ongoing  regarding stock issuance, corporate minutes, regulatory compliance, annual filings, tax planning and other aspects of business operation.
  • Business transactions: Our California Business Attorney deals with Contracts, commercial agreements, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, and equipment purchase or lease.
  • International trade: Our Business Attorney deal with Shipping terms, export control, letters of credit and other issues of doing business abroad.
  • Commercial real estate: Our California Business Attorney provides advice in regards to Purchase or sale of commercial property or undeveloped land, commercial leases, and construction and development matters.
  • Exit Strategies: Our California Business Lawyer provides services in regards to Planning for dissolution, succession or transfer of ownership stake.

Meeting the Challenges of Business

  • Business litigation: Our California Business Litigation Attorney represents Plaintiff or defense for breach of contract, fraud, interference, intellectual property infringement, franchise disputes and internal disputes.
  • Financial trouble: Our California Business Lawyer Helps clients avoid bankruptcy through workouts, negotiations with creditors or the IRS, and other strategies.
  • Collections: Our Business Lawyer provides efficient recovery of funds or assets without throwing good money after bad.
  • Employment Issues: Our California Business Lawyer provides services in regards to Creation of employment policies, handbooks and employee agreements, or defending wage and hour, intellectual property and discrimination lawsuits brought by employees.

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