Iranian Lawyer Business Litigation

Business Litigation Attorney

When confronted with a client’s business dispute, commercial lawsuit, or court matter, we believe it is in the client’s best interest to find the most expedient solution. Please contact us for a free initial consultation about how we may file a lawsuit or cross claim regarding your business dispute.

Business litigation should be considered a last resort, to be used only when parties to a disagreement are hopelessly deadlocked and unwilling to find common ground through negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. In court room litigation, a judge or jury will render a decision with far-reaching consequences rather than the business owners, themselves. Our Iranian Business Lawyers can help you decide on a proper course of action in a case of alleged business fraud or breach of contract.

Our Iranian business litigation Attorneys are experienced and prepared to produce and file pleadings, motions, complaints, and handle discovery as necessary to wage a determined battle in support of our clients’ best interests. We are capable courtroom litigators who clearly and persuasively communicate evidence in our clients’ favor.

However, a business litigation matter can often be resolved through voluntary mediation methods by which clients and attorneys communicate freely with each other. By removing emotion from the equation and treating a potential commercial lawsuit as a monetary or transactional problem to be solved, clients are often able to reach a pragmatic conclusion that saves money, stress, and time.

For a free initial consultation with a California business litigation lawyer, contact us by email or call us at (650) 391-9630.