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B1 Visa (Tourist) & B2 Visa (Business Visa)

The B1 and B2 non-immigrant category is classified as B-1 for business visitors and B-2 for tourism visitors.

To be eligible for a visitor visa, you would need

i)To demonstrate a purpose for your stay in the US,

ii) Prove that your stay will be temporary.

مهاجرت به آمریکا ویزا توریستی و بازرگانی
The purpose of your stay can be established with a personal statement and documentation from third parties, which varies depending on whether you are seeking to visit as a business visitor or a tourism visitor.

Anyone seeking admission to the US to visit potential schools should express that they are a prospective student when they apply for the visa so that they may change status to F-1 in the US. If this intent is not expressed, a change of status is likely to be rejected.

Our California Immigration Lawyer Los Angeles help you to prove that you intend to only stay in the US for a temporary period of time, you would have to establish ties to your home country, which would include proof that you have close members of your family in your home country, a job waiting on your return, and property.

Process of Obtaining a B1 Visa/B2 visa

Premium processing, in which the application will be processed within 15 calendar days, is not available in B-1 or B-2 applications. The processing time varies. USCIS provides a wait-time schedule. If an initial visa is sought, the consulate can schedule an appointment for you in short order.

Advantages and Limitations of a B1 Visa/B2 Visa

The B visa can be obtained more quickly at consulates or embassies than any other visa, and are multipurpose. You can eventually get a 10-year B1/B2 visa, instead of a 6 month visa. The department of state instructs consular officers to give applicants the maximum amount of time possible based on reciprocity.

Iranian B Visa Immigration Lawyer Can Assist You
Applying for Green Card while on a B Visa

It is possible, but of course, you must have had the intent not to immigrate at the time of admission. This is a complicated issue, and varies depending on various circumstances. If an individual is seeking to apply for adjustment of status after admission on a B1 Visa/B2 visa, it is important to seek guidance from an attorney to assess the risks and determine situations where it is safe to apply. As a general rule of thumb, a visitor should not do anything inconsistent with non-immigrant intent within 60 days as this creates a rebuttable presumption of fraud at the time of admission, and most certainly not less than 30 days since that creates a presumption of fraud.

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