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EB-2 or EB-3 Green Card Immigration Lawyer and Qualifications

EB-2 and EB-3 is basically an employment based immigrant visa that is generally reserved for a certain class of worker. EB-2 is meant for Advanced Degree Professionals and Ability Workers whereas EB-3 is meant for skilled, professional as well as unskilled workers. The main difference between an EB-2 and EB-3 visa is how quickly green cards are applied.

The basic criteria to qualify for such visas are:

• US employers should file “labor certification” with the labor department
• Foreign workers should have the required qualifications set in the application, and
• The US worker must have the ability to pay the wage.
Labor certification is actually a document that certifies that an employer failed to find the right or appropriate US worker after carrying out a proper test in the US job market. There are, however, some specific steps that should be followed before filing a labor certification application. The application is filed under PERM or the Program Electronic Review Management system. After a few months, DOL or Department of Labor will issue a labor certification and it will allow foreign workers to apply for an employment green card. The employer accordingly should set appropriate requirements based on the job. If you are qualifying for NIW or National Interest Waiver, the labor certification process can be skipped.

Iranian EB-2 Immigration Lawyer in San Francisco, San Jose and Palo Alto

EB-2 Advanced Degree Professional is basically for any individual working with any firm which requires a master’s degree or US based bachelor degree with five years of experience for a foreign worker that should have a single source equivalence to qualify. EB-2 exceptional worker is an individual with high capabilities in arts, business and science. The individual should prove his or her exceptional abilities and have ten years of experience in the field.

EB-3 Immigration Lawyer in San Francisco, San Jose and Palo Alto

An EB-3 professional worker is basically an individual working in a job which requires a US bachelor’s degree or equivalent foreign degree.
An EB-3 skilled worker is basically an individual working in a job and is required to have two years of experience or vocational training.
An EB-3 unskilled worker is basically an individual working in a job that requires prior experience and training.
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