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National Interest Waiver Green Card Immigration Lawyer and Qualifications

National interest waiver is an advanced ability for workers seeking exemption from labor certification as well as job offer requirements. The labor certification is explained in the EB-2 and EB-3 summaries. To qualify for the national interest waiver as well as meeting the requirements of EB-2, the presence of the worker shall considerably benefit the national economy, educational interest, cultural interest and welfare of the United States. There are no specific or appropriate definitions of ‘National Interest’. However the applicant should possess several societal benefits that are of tangible national interest. Any successful NIW applier must satisfy three prong tests which will help them in granting a waiver of labor certification requirements.

Here are the three pronged tests that are required by California immigration attorneys:

• The individual or applicant should have working areas which require substantial intrinsic merit and are in a position that is important.
• The work has national scope and
• The applicant should continue his or her work in the scope, have proof of all their accomplishments, and have the potential to make several contributions in the future. This will satisfy the labor certification requirements. Granting a waiver of labor certification requirements overshadows the intrinsic value of several U.S. workers’ job opportunities.

Iranian Immigration Lawyer and the Process of Getting EB-2 Visa on the basis of National Interest Waiver

There are no waiting times for EB-2 and the individual can get a green card as quickly as possible. However, the case is different for countries where the visa numbers are declining or regressing. The complete process can be completed within a month.

Advantage as well as Limitations of National Interest Waivers

The benefit of getting an EB-2 based on National Interest Waiver is much faster compared to other employments that are based on a green card petition. There are other benefits such as no requirement for a job offer as well as the need to test the US job market.
National interest waivers are appropriate or suitable under certain circumstances. Quite often the chance of success with the help of the labor certification process is comparatively higher.

Role of Immigration Attorney in National Interest Waiver Petition

It has been mentioned earlier that national interest waivers are appropriate under a few circumstances but not all the time. The role of the immigration attorney in the process is that they can carefully assess the eligibility of the applicant for national interest waiver and at the same time ensure quality of all documents that are submitted for this purpose. When there are cases where the individual or applicant is not clear about the national benefit, the attorney will creatively present a convincing case and qualify him or her for the waiver.

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